Share The Meal: Communion Sundays

On our upcoming Communion Sundays, May 7, June 4, June 25, July 9, August 6, September 10, October 1, and November 5, you are invited to bring non-perishable food items to worship service to "Share The Meal" of Communion with local food banks. As you come forward to receive Communion, please place your items in the food baskets located on the front pews. Let's share the meal with our community in Christ.

Non-perishable donation suggestions: Canned beans, dry beans, peanut butter, nut butters, rolled oats, canned fruit in juice, canned vegetables, low-sodium soups, canned tuna in water, canned chicken, brown rice, quinoa, unsalted nuts, unsalted seeds, shelf stable milk, milk substitutes, whole grain pasta, low-sodium pasta sauce, popcorn kernels (not microwave), canned stews, unsweetened applesauce, whole grain low sugar cold cereals, olive or canola oil, canned tomatoes, dried fruits, honey, chicken, beef, and vegetable broths and stock.