West Parking Lot Closed

DTE Energy has begun construction to replace the natural gas pressure regulators and vaults under the old Bridge Street right-of-way. That right-of-way is our west parking lot.  Beginning this morning the west parking lot is closed.  Later today snow fence will be installed around the site and construction equipment will arrive. The major work effort begins tomorrow.

The carport drive remains open to cars dropping off passengers. Valet service will be available for drivers with handicapped permits. If you would be willing to serve as a valet please contact Jerry Krauss to volunteer. 

At some point in the project a trench will be cut across the carport driveway. A new gas main will be installed and the pipeline running under the carport pillars will be abandoned.  Steel road plate will be installed temporarily to keep the drive accessible on Sundays. 

Construction will last at least 6 weeks.  As part of the project the vent tubes currently in the parking area will be relocated to the right-of-way, opening up two more parking spaces. DTE will replace the asphalt disturbed and resurface the entire parking area as a thank you for our cooperation in this necessary infrastructure upgrade.   As a ministry of hospitality we are making the facilities and drinking fountains available to the construction crew, so if you see workers in the building we hope you will offer them our extravagant welcome and thanks for their work.