Who We Are

Seeking the fulfillment of the Realm of God already in our midst, St. John's United Church of Christ envisions a just and peaceful community. It is the mission of this congregation to live God's presence, love our neighbors, and practice the values of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

You are invited and welcomed to participate in the full life and ministry of St. John's UCC whatever your race, age, sex, marital status, financial status, gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, or ability.

St. John's United Church of Christ values...


The path of Jesus is found wherever people love God, neighbor, and self.

God's Word

God's word begins with the bible and continues to be heard through prayer, study and reflection, the discernment of the Christian community, and attending to God's activity in our world.


We are mindful that our relationship with God brings us into relationships with others by blood and by choice who are also in relationship with God.


We care for people who experience oppression and poverty, physically, mentally or spiritually within our faith community and among our neighbors through acts of charity and advocacy.


We accept all people as being created in the image of God, uplifting and celebrating their worth and integrity, and engaging them authentically, rather than as categories or classes.


We offer ourselves to God through the rituals of the church and in the patterns of our everyday living.


We affirm the gifts God's spirit gives to all of Christ's followers for use in meaningful and purposeful ministry in the church and in the world.

Each Other

We do our best to love, serve, care for, encourage, forgive, live in harmony with, and speak truthfully to each other.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.

Ministry Touches

St. John’s UCC members volunteer in organizations all around our community. Tell us your story on the Ministry Touches page. Be bold! Invite others who have a similar passion to join the effort!

Volunteer Hours

St. John’s UCC members have a stewardship goal for volunteer hours. Log your volunteer hours here.


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Secure Members Page

This secure members' information page contains minutes of meetings, reports and other information.  If you are an official member and don't have a password, please contact the church office.