The Challenge of Repenting

What if we've gotten repentance wrong? What if repentance is more about changing our minds about how we are living that it is about being sorry for our sins? What if repentance is more about turning toward good than it's about turning away from evil? That's exactly how the ancient Christians and the original New Testament talked about repentance

St. John's United Church of Christ invites you to spend the 46 days of Lent naming those things about which we are considering a change of mind, those things toward which we hope to turn our lives, those qualities of character we long to embrace as we become more like Jesus. 

Someone wise once said that we can never create less of what we do not want; we can only create more of what we do want for our lives. Together lets discover how to create more of the good we want for ourselves, our families, our community, and our world. And then when Easter comes, we will be ready to begin living in new ways that make the good we long for a reality.