We Do Weddings for All Couples!

Since 2007 St. John's United Church of Christ has lived marriage equality, offering  the ministry of weddings to all couples regardless of gender. Today we rejoice that the Supreme Court of the United States has made it possible for ALL of the weddings we perform to be recognized as legal marriages.  Marriage equality is another step toward America realizing its value of justice for all!

We also recognize that many people of faith are not rejoicing with us, but rather, are afraid, or disappointed, or even angry. On this historic occasion we raise our hands in both applause and in prayer: God of love and of all comfort, we give thanks that the benefits of living together in a legally recognized covenant of marriage have been extended to ALL couples in our land regardless of gender. Help us to be as quick to comfort our sisters and brothers who disagree with this decision as we are to congratulate ones who have worked hard and risked much to achieve it. Help us all to live into the law of our land as it stands now, without violating either our own values or the dignity of others, and spare us the misfortune of becoming a lawless people. You promise to dry every tear from our eyes - tears of joy as well as tears of sadness - so that we may look to you clearly for our future and our hope. Amen.

If you are interested in getting married at St. John's, our wedding policy will answer many of your questions. Visit our wedding page to schedule your appointment with Rev. Dr. Bill Lyons and begin preparing for your wedding day.