Jesus' 8 Keys to Well-being

God hopes all of us live well. Jesus gave us 8 keys to unlocking well-being for ourselves and for others.  The Church calls those keys beatitudes or BE ATTITUDES. You can read Jesus' beatitudes or blessing statements in two places in the New Testament: Matthew 5:1-12 and Luke 6:17-23. Adopting these attitudes means huge improvements in our life experiences and in how others experience life when they are with us. 

During our worship gatherings during Lent St. John's United Church of Christ is diving deeply into Jesus 8 Keys for Well-being. Join us for any or all of the scheduled services

Life Attitudes by Robert Warren and Sue Mayfield will guide our thoughts and ask big questions of us as we dive deeply into Jesus' 8 Keys for Well-being. Use the study guide on your own or join a small group and share the journey with others. On Sunday mornings after worship (11:15) a small group for adults continues the discussion where worship left off.