Join Us: Funerals

Whether a loved one dies suddenly or after a lengthy illness, the death of a family member is difficult to bear. This is a time to rely on the support, strength, and counsel of friends and family and especially of your church. The unique comfort of the Christian faith is that Christ has overcome death and believers have the hope of eternal life. This is the time to claim our faith.

In an effort to help make the service more meaningful and your decision making easier, we offer some information about funerals in our brochure. We pray that God comforts you as you move through the valley of the shadow of death into the light of our hope through Christ Jesus.

When Death Is Near

Most deaths occur in a hospital or other facility or under the care of a hospice organization. They are prepared to guide you through the steps you need to take when a loved one dies.

When a death is anticipated or has occurred contact the church office at 616-543-2497; you may call any time day or night. Spiritual care and comfort are always appropriate for a person facing death for their loved ones. Prayer, words of comfort, and guidance about what to do next are all part of the ministry the pastor can provide.