Children Need to Worship

Children come to worship with a growing curiosity about everything around them. Their worship experience will be one of discovery.  In church  children build a wealth of memorable, shared experiences  from which they can draw as they grow older.

Through time in the sanctuary with others , children:

  • learn that it’s important to come to this place each Sunday.
  • come to know that they belong to Christ and to a special community of people who value them.
  • discover that the sights, sounds, smells and feel of sanctuary is good, even if it’s not always understandable
  • realize that something is expected of them in when they are in this place
  • learn how to pray, sing, listen, sit still, and so much more
  • witness baptisms and communion and experience other tangible reminders of God’s kindness and care for God’s children.

Bringing children to worship may not always be easy, but it is an essential part of their development as God’s children.

We believe that children are an important part of our worshipping community and welcome children of all ages to attend and participate in our worship services.

On this page you will find information about how parents can help children participate in worship in meaningful ways, and ways to access resources provided by our congregation to assist your family in worshipping together.

Welcome to worship…welcome to our family!
— St. John's United Church of Christ

Tips for Parents

 · Begin preparing for worship the night before. Lay out clothes, pack a bag with needed items, make sure children know tomorrow is Sunday so they are not surprised by a change in schedule in the morning, and make sure children get a good night sleep. As you awaken in the morning, be sure what happens at home sets the tone for a positive church experience. You may even “play church” at home as practice.

· Allow young children to bring a familiar item with them.

· Arrive early, and sit near the front of the worship space so children can clearly see what is happening.

· Use the restroom before church starts.

· Help children follow the songs, prayers and readings in the bulletin, hymnal, or on the screen.

· Encourage the postures and movements of worship like folding hands, bowing heads, kneeling, standing etc.

· Remember that children learn to worship by watching parents actively participate in and enjoy worship. Worship with your whole heart. Worship is caught more than taught!

· Use the buddy system with other parents who have children close in age to yours.  Children can sit together every week (they will love being with their friends) while parents alternate weeks supervising children and concentrating fully on worship.